Millennium & Copthorne Hotels


Millennium & Copthorne Hotels is a dynamic, global hotel company with over 120 hotels in 19 countries, situated in premier locations in major international gateway cities or prominent business locations around the world. A unique blend of comfort, modernity and world-class service, each of its hotels reflects the regional character of the geographical location. The hotels serve international business and leisure travelers and offer impeccable facilities and standards of service. Every property is designed uniquely, equipped with modern facilities and staffed with highest standards of service. It is a British-based public-listed company with headquarters in London. Millennium & Copthorne Hotels owns/manages six hotels in Singapore, all of which are 4-star deluxe or 5-star properties:

  • Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore
  • Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore
  • Orchard Hotel
  • M Hotel
  • Studio M Hotel
  • Copthorne Orchid Hotel Singapore

Students and recent graduates have the opportunity to work as an intern for six months. The objective of training the interns to be familiarized with the hotel operations, and upon completion of the internship, will move up the intern as a salaried employee. The interns will have the unique opportunity to gain tangible international business knowledge and skills by working for a first class hotel which will not only make your resume shine, but also greatly increase your global competency. Interns will work with a global clientele in a diverse work environment unparalleled anywhere else.

Guest Relations Associates (Front desk, concierge, ambassadors, etc.)
-Handle customer service matters
-Assist with the planning and design of the interior space and environment
-Provide administrative support in the Guest Relations department
-Help create a comfortable yet professional environment as you interact with guests

Food & Beverage Associates
- Assist in operations of the multiple F&B outlets in each hotel; learn business management skills
- Event and function planning
- VIP events
- Special projects (e.g. promotional events)
- Assist the hotel’s F & B Director with miscellaneous projects
- Aspiring chefs can be attached to work under the Executive Chefs and Sou Chefs at one of the many fine restaurants in any of six Millennium & Copthorne Hotels in Singapore. The restaurants serve a variety of fine cuisines including fusion foods as served at the international buffets.


  1. janice noblejas says:

    Hi. I’d like to know the cost and fees included for this internship. is the accommodation included? thanks and hope to hear from you!

  2. SSA Global says:


    The cost of the internship is the cost of your travel and housing while in Singapore; we charge no other fees for placing you in an internship. You can find more information on the travel and housing package that our company provides at the Program Details tab on our website. From there, click on “Airfare and Housing” to find more information. Thank you for your interest!



  3. Jennylyn Marie Perez says:

    Hi. I’ve learned that you don’t charge any placement fees. I am from the Philippines. I’m interested to apply in any Guest Relation Associate position. I do have friends who works in Singapore and I’m very much welcome to stay with them. Is it compulsory to avail the Airfare and Housing? and how much will be the salary per month? Thank you very much. Hope to hear from you soon.

  4. SSA Global says:

    Hello Jennylyn,

    SSA Global works with Work Holiday Passes, which only allows us to work with candidates who are currently pursing or already have degrees in:

    * Australia
    * France
    * Germany
    * Hong Kong
    * Japan
    * New Zealand
    * United Kingdom
    * United States

    Unfortunately, we are not able to accept applicants from the Philippines because they do not have Work Holiday Passes available to their citizens. But thank you for your interest in our program, and good luck with your future endeavors!


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