Pepperl + Fuchs International Engineering Internship

Pepperl + Fuchs is a leading developer and manufacturer of electronic sensors and components for the global automation market. The company has two divisions; one being the factory automation division, and the other being the process automation division. Pepperl + Fuchs has developed from humble beginnings into an industrial enterprise and leading manufacturer in sensing technology, intrinsic safety, and explosion protection technology. With over 1,000 employees locally in Singapore and 3,700 worldwide, the company is proud of its consistent achievement s and innovation.


The internship takes place in Singapore and it lasts for six months, after which a long-term employment offer will be considered based on performance. It is designed to introduce aspiring young graduates to the exciting and extremely rewarding Singapore work culture. The company is committed to provide an environment which fosters growth and development of their international interns. There are three separate internships available: process engineer, product engineer, or test development engineer.

Process Engineer:

  • Process development and introduction of new manufacturing processes.
  • Development assistance and advice in the development and introduction of new products.
  • Optimization, further development of existing and established manufacturing processes and improvement of process safety.
  • Provide technical support for all process related issues during prototypes and pilot runs.
  • Support overseas research and development in their process related activities on their development of new products.

Product Engineer:

  • To manage the transfer of new products from Singapore, Mannheim and USA in an efficient and timely manner with effective communications.
  • To identify strategic new product models for pilot runs so as to reduce pilot run inventory and minimize customer’s order lead-time.
  • To quantify and justify the cost of new product transfer with respect to product design and customers’ order forecast.
  • To clearly document each stage of the product transfer process for post transfer analysis in order to identify areas of improvement as well as for historical traceability and future reference.
  • To drive continuous product yield improvements through yield, rework and scrap monitoring.

Test Development Engineer

  • To provide technical support for all test related issues for products and perform test planning activities for prototypes and pilot runs.
  • To perform test systems maintenance and calibration.
  • To support overseas research and development in their test planning activities on their development of new products.
  • Make test improvements on existing products produced in Singapore towards a cost saving lean manufacturing concept.
  • Able to perform multiple tasks, test planning activities and coordination with internal departments and external suppliers to meet product test requirements.

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