Marketing Internship at Kenko Holdings


Based in beautiful Singapore, Kenko Holdings Pte Ltd is comprised of various brands in the spa industry across Asia. Kenko Holdings prides itself on being a successful and highly innovative wellness spa that is committed to giving its customers a one of a kind experience. As a major name in the wellness spa industry, Kenko Holdings has 13 spa centers established in prime locations of downtown Singapore. Kenko Holdings is best known for its Fish Spa, an intriguing and innovative concept that has proven wildly popular with locals as well as international tourists. Kenko Holdings’ services appeal to a wide demographic of customers and targets a diverse and exciting clientele.


This internship is designed specially by SSA Global for Kenko Holdings. The internship takes place in Singapore, has a minimum length of 6 months, with a possibility of longer employment after internship period. As with our other internships, there is a monthly stipend of S$600 (500 USD) to take care of living necessities, such as food and transportation.


Marketing/Management Intern

• Enhance guest recognition at all times by addressing guests by name and interacting with them on a professional level. Target clientele groups include tourists, hotel guests, expatriates and executives in Singapore.
• Handle front desk duties such as answering phone calls, cashiering, appointment scheduling etc. Coordinate with internal department to respond to customer needs, request or problem
• Develop strong understanding of Company’s product and services
• Promoting of massage or beauty packages to current customers and prospect of new business
• Perform market research through survey, road show/outdoor activities
• Prepare reports – Consumer behaviour in Spa industry
• Responsible for spearheading and monitoring sales effort in branch deployed to.
• Implement new marketing plan or objectives to achieve higher sales in outlet
• Other Adhoc (Establish strong media relation, help prepare brochure/flyers etc)

If you would like to apply, please send your resume to with the subject line “Kenko Holdings Marketing Internship”.

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