Airfare + Housing

No Placement Fee

SSA Global does not charge a placement fee for any of our internships.

Travel and Housing Package

SSA Global provides a very affordable Travel and Housing Package to ensure the program participant’s smooth transition to Singapore.

*Not included in the Non-US Intern Package

Our Travel & Housing Package is considerably cheaper than if you buy your plane tickets, arrange for housing and get medical insurance on your own. Because SSA is one of the largest internship management organizations in Singapore, we are able to get plane tickets, housing and medical insurance at lower costs. While many other internship providers charge hefty fees of $5000-$9000 for international internships that only lasts for 2-4 months, we refuse to do that same. We are passionate about helping young professionals become global citizens and experience the impact of international internships, therefore we are committed to making our programs as accessible as possible.


    To ensure enrollment in our program for applicants, we request a $200 deposit (that goes towards to the Travel & Housing Package) prior to the internship matching process. The deposit is fully refunded if we do not match you with an internship within 4 weeks of payment. We will even send you a free gift!

City Living


    Interns will be housed in flats/apartments in Singapore. In each apartment there are two to three bedrooms, a kitchen, and one to two bathrooms. Standard amenities such as A/C (bedroom only), beds, desks, washing machine and refrigerator are provided. Typically two international interns share a bedroom, although special arrangements can be made if interns prefer to their own.


    All of our apartments are located where public transportation, such as the bus, subway, and/or taxis are easily accessible. With one of the best infrastructure systems in the world, traveling around to work, shop, eat and play in Singapore is definitely not a hassle. Our company assures that each and every one of our apartments is in a safe, convenient, and exciting neighborhood.