Lengths + Stipend



All of our internships are six months in length and include a monthly stipend of $600 Singapore dollars. Well-performing candidates will be offered permanent employment after the internship.


All of our six month internships include a monthly stipend of at least $600 Singapore dollars. (The short term internship programs will NOT receive the monthly stipend). The stipend helps cover transportation and food expenses. Interns can also receive additional monetary awards/bonuses for outstanding performance during the internship.

Estimated Living Cost

Item Description Cost (SGD)*
Food Food Court/Fast

Food/Average Restaurant

$3-6 Per meal

$10 Per meal

Groceries One person $150-200 Per month
Transportation Subway/Bus $70 – 80 Per month

*Currency Exchange Rate is about 1 USD= 1.20 SGD (as if Sep 1st, 2011)