Living in Singapore


Are you wondering about the culture, food and lifestyle in Singapore?

Singapore is a city state about 3-times the size of Washington, D.C. and is located in South East Asia. Since its independence in 1965 from Britain, Singapore has developed into a global metropolitan to the likes of London, Tokyo, New York, Sydney and Hong Kong. Nicknamed the “Garden City”, Singapore is home to many lush parks and gardens. The city is often voted the cleanest or the greenest city in the world. More than just its economy, Singaporeans work hard to build a sustainable natural environment that is reflected in their lifestyles. The country is home to a diverse local and expatriate population, making it one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Singapore is like the ideal global city with locals and expatriates living harmoniously together. At any given moment, two out of every five people are from another part of the globe. Singapore was a former British colony and became independent in 1965. Thus, you will see a strong British influence (e.g. colonial buildings, food, afternoon teas). Given its diverse population, Singapore has evolved into a culture that respects and encourages diversity. As a result Singapore has become the melting pot of Asia with its religious, ethnic, and cultural diversity. Singaporeans are very welcoming of visitors from around the world and you will be able to see why in their hospitality and friendliness. With English as the main language in Singapore, adjusting to the local culture, finding directions, and looking for food would be just as easy as in the US. We are confident that you will enjoy discovering the unique culture of Singapore.

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Entertainment and Recreation

Being one of the most popular places to visit in the world, Singapore offers plenty to do for both locals and visitors. Both day and and night offer its own wide range of exciting activities. From the thousands of unique shops and restaurants to the many natural recreational spots across Singapore, making a decision on where to go might not be easy. Singapore is also a global center for the arts and culture — museums, galleries, theater and art performances can be found everywhere and everyday. There are also many festivals throughout the year honoring the diverse culture in Singapore. Some of which include the Chinese New Year, Singapore Food Festival, Singapore Garden Festival, Hari Raya Puasa (Malay festivities), Singapore River Festival and many more. For those who enjoy night entertainment, world-class clubs, bars and lounges can be found all over the city. And let’s not forget the 24/7 food culture where you can grab a bite at 2AM in the morning!

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Food is a big part of Singaporean culture and the city is often nicknamed The Food Paradise.” Like many cities in Asia, you can always find something to eat 24/7. From the open-air food courts to the endless restaurants, finding a place to eat is one of the easiest things to do. Singapore cuisine reflects the unique blend of ethnic diversity of the population, which is predominantly Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western. You will also be delightedl to find that Singapore offers virtually any cuisine you can think of : Asian, European, African, Australian and Latin American. And don’t worry about missing good old American food. This big city serves great American cuisine in the many American restaurants like Applebee’s, Tony Roma’s, T.G.I. Friday’s and Brewerkz. The diverse culture of Singapore brings all types of cuisines from every region of the world to one city. Whatever appetite you have, Singapore will be able satisfy it!

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Modern Convenience

  • Singapore living standard ranks the highest in South East Asia, and has the 8th highest GDP per capital in the world.
  • The entire country is virtually covered by a sophisticated mass transit system (main transportation mode for the city) that provides the means to travel to any part of the city by public transportation. Cabs are also plentiful!
  • The city is covered by a free nation-wide wireless broadband network that is available throughout downtown and major housing communities. Find out more at Wireless@SG.
  • One thing you will notice in Singapore is its efficiency. From paying bills to purchasing an item, you will be surprised at the level of customer service and efficiency received.