Why should I choose SSA Global?
SSA has been offering innovative programs since 1993 and is led by a team who is passionate about helping students experience all that Singapore has to offer. Because we only offer internship programs to Singapore, it allows us to highly specialize in what we do. Unlike many internship organizations, we do not offer generic, “cookie-cutter” internships. Our internships are uniquely and strategically designed to help you gain international business skills and knowledge you will not be able to find in the US (see our Why Singapore page). Your learning experience and growth are our main priorities, which is why our Singapore Internship Program 2011 is so affordable. We believe that financial limitations should not be the reason that prevents students from gaining international work experience. And unlike other “internship placement” companies, we will take care of you from the day you apply to our internship program till you return home.

Do I have to be a U.S citizen or resident to apply to any of SSA programs?
No! You do not need to be a U.S citizen to participate in our Singapore Internship Program 2011. We welcome all nationalities to join our programs! If you are a non-US citizen or resident, please indicate it in the application form. You may still proceed to apply to our internships here.

How long are the internships?
A majority of our internships last six months. In the fields of retail sales and hospitality, shorter internship positions are available.

How do I know if I am eligible for the internships?
Please visit the “Eligibility” page to review the qualifications for any of our interns.

Will I get paid during my internship?
Even though our internships are unpaid, interns for the six month programs will receive an monthly stipend of $600. Many interns also receive a monetary bonus at the end of the internship for good performance.

How do I apply?
Please complete our application form and send it back to us. One of our program advisors will be in touch with you within 1-2 business days.

Will I get academic and/or internship credits?
SSA will recommend academic and internship hours/credits to your school. You will also receive an official internship certificate. Many colleges recognize overseas internships and will grant at least one academic unit and/or recognize the internship hours. Our program advisors will guide you in the process of getting academic/internship recognition from your campus from the moment you apply to our programs. We strongly encourage all students who plan on earning credits for the Singapore Internship Program 2011 to schedule an appointment with their academic counselor ASAP about necessary requirements and pre-approvals, if any, in advance.

How much does the internship cost?
We do not charge any placement fee. However, we strongly encourage you to use our travel and living package that is considerably cheaper than if you bought your tickets, medical insurance, and arranged housing on your own. Please check out our Cost & Salary page.

Is it safe to travel in Singapore?
With the huge number of foreigners visiting, working and studying in Singapore, you can be confident that it is not only safe but very welcoming of people from all over the world. SSA has also taken every precaution to ensure you have a safe and healthy experience in Singapore. We maintain a strong communication channel with our local Singapore staff and partnering schools to make sure your learning experience in Singapore is not interrupted unnecessarily. Please still use common-sense precautions like you would when traveling to any other country.

What are the living accommodations like?
We know the last thing our students want is a dingy and unpleasant place to stay while in Singapore. That is why our apartments are centrally-located in safe neighborhoods, and are comfortable and clean with private bathrooms and A/C. Our local staff in Singapore personally arranges and checks that all living arrangements are in good condition prior to student arrival.

How can I prepare for my trip to Singapore?
Start by reading our pre-departure packet in the mail (after applying) and learning about Singapore on the web or from reading materials. We have also provided a few links you might find helpful.

The Department of State : Singapore

Lonely Planet’s: Singapore

Visit Singapore (USA)

Visit Singapore

Your Singapore

What is the minimum age requirement for the internships?
Most of our participants are recent university graduates. If you are participating while still in college, we ask that you be at least of junior standing by the time of the internship start date. All participants need to be at least 18 years of age.

When are the application deadlines?
Because we have internship openings all year round there is not an application deadline. However, we highly encourage students and recent graduates to apply as soon as possible. The application process begins by first filling out our Singapore Internship Program 2010-11 application form (PDF) or (Word), after which we will work closely with you to match you with the most ideal company.