Why Singapore?

Quick Facts:

  • English is the main language in Singapore.
  • Singapore has the best skilled labor in Asia-Pacific.
  • In 2008, Singapore was ranked as the most popular city in the world for business meetings.
  • Singapore is the highest-ranked Asian state in the 2009 global index of wealth and social resilience.
  • In 2009, Singapore was ranked as the world’s most innovative economy.
  • Singapore has been ranked 1st on BERI’s Labour Force Evaluation Measure for 30 years.
  • Singapore’s immigration laws for foreigners are the least restrictive in the world.
  • Singapore was ranked in 2009 as the most open economy for international trade and investment.
  • Singapore is the 3rd most competitive economy in the world, after Switzerland and the US, according to the World Economic Forum.

Unlike any other country Singapore provides an unforgettable experience in every environment.  Being a cosmopolitan city, Singapore provides a full immersion into globalization, cross cultural dynamics, urban development, transportation innovation, international finance, and hospitality. Within the past forty years Singapore has evolved from a rural island to a leading international mega city. An unknown fact is that the World Bank ranks Singapore in back to back years as the best place to trade and open a business. As a result of its economical and geographical advantage, it has attracted over 7000 multi-national corporations around the world wanting to establish their company in Asia. With a constantly expanding economy, valuable internship and job opportunities are created. An interesting fact is one in four skilled workers in Singapore is from another country, thus creating an international business environment that breeds innovation and the sharing of knowledge. Consider joining our internship program today and create the stepping stone to a successful career!

Find out more about living in one of the most culturally diverse cosmopolitans in the world while gaining the right international EDGE to boost your resume and life experience!

A Global Leader in Many Industries:

Port of Singapore

The port of Singapore is the busiest port in the world with many awards to its title such as the Best Seaport Award. The port comprises a number of cutting edge and innovative facilities to handle a wide range of cargo from every corner of the globe in different forms and sizes. It tranships 20% of the world’s shipping containers, half of the world’s annual supply of crude oil, and is the world’s busiest transshipment port.

Singapore International Airport

With more than 300 awards under its belt, the Singapore International Airport is has been consistently voted the “Best Airport in the World” by many publications around the world for the last 12 years. The awards are especially evidenced by the great swimming pool access, relaxing nature trails, and many other traveler friendly services.


Singapore hosts some of the finest hospitality establishments such as hotels, resorts and restaurants. Considering that Singapore receives visitors that number more than twice its population, the hospitality industry has developed into a world-class icon that is highly influential in the region. Many of our interns will have the chance to work in various departments of 5-star hotels.